Who Am I?

Dallin Burns is a Puerto Rican-American film composer known for his ability to create beautifully complex scores that combine modern scoring practices and classic techniques. As a member of the LGBT community Dallin understand the importance of accurate representation and truth in both film and music. He is best known for his work on the short films, Champion, directed by Ryan Beggs, and Split Filter, directed by Samantha Baptiste. Dallin is a composer who thrives in production as well as scoring. With his scores Dallin excels in all aspects of its creation; from composition and orchestration, to recording, mixing and mastering. Properly preparing each piece for the screen and streaming. Dallin is a friend to all and cherishes working with motivated and passionate teams.

What's My Style?

Dallin’s style revolves around creating lush orchestral scores. He is a firm believer in the ‘wall of sound’ and enjoys taking advantage of every instrument’s acoustic qualities to build a complex sonic experience. He thrives in motivic composition: assigning poignant themes to each character - be it a person, place, or idea - then using these motifs to musically transform their personas as they progress. In a world buried in electronic sound design for film, Dallin loves to focus on orchestral music, using synths and sound design to enhance, rather than detract from the natural beauty of the orchestra. Ultimately, Dallin’s goal as a composer is to help a film connect emotionally with its audience: the story is king and the score will always sonically support the films message.

What Am I Up To?

Currently, Dallin is working on several short films. He is deep in the post production of The Bugs and The Slugs a short film by Greyson Horst, and The Extraordinary Negro, a beautiful film by director Tatiana Sims. He is hosting a YouTube show called The Composer’s Table in which he interviews the directors and creators he has collaborated with. Dallin’s music can be found on all streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and more!

Dallin’s most recent accomplishments include;

  • Recognition for his music on the short film Kaleidoscope of a Feminesto

  • Awarded the ASCAP Vic Mizzy scholarship by the Mizzy Jonas Family Foundation

  • Published his scores for both films Champion and Split Filter

  • Founded the group, "L.A. LGBT Composers Alliance"

We Should Collaborate!

"Working together, we can create incredible films, we can become incredible friends, we can help people experience art in new and incredible ways."

Personal Composers Creed | Dallin Burns

Outside of music, Dallin Burns is a friend to everyone! He loves nurturing a professional relationship into a life of friendship! Through his numerous collaborations, Dallin has learned that this industry is an industry that requires collaboration for success. ​Working with directors who are passionate in their art is what fuels Dallin to excel in his own craft. Composing for film is not a one-person job, but a team effort between the director and composer.

My Motivation


A young closeted boy sat in a song writing classroom at Brigham Young University excited to learn more about music and composing he awaited the professor. The class was a popular one and Dallin had been waitlisted. So as the room quickly filled to bursting Dallin realized that there were far more waitlisted students than there were spots to fill. To remedy this the professor began asking student why they wanted to take his class. He called on Dallin and asked the question, "why should you be in this class." Bursting with positive energy and determination Dallin declared,


“I am a composer and…”

the professor interrupted, “who says you are a composer?”

Shocked and with wavering confidence, Dallin responded “I do…”

“No!” said the professor, “I say who is the composer, and who isn’t.”


Students snickering and professor clearly uninterested, that was it. Dallin left the classroom cracked, embarrassed, dejected, and ready to walk from music. Headphones in, film scores blasting Dallin took a moment to walk and reflect. It was at that moment he decided NO ONE could tell him who or what he was. Dallin would be a composer, no matter what some professor stated.

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